Web Development

Web Development services

ASG Software solutions may mainly dabble in provided custom built information systems solutions to their clients, but the company is also committed in providing various other product based services. These include building a software solution from its conception, planning, development, and building till its last stage of re-engineering. One of the services that ASG provides is also Web development services.

What makes ASG one of the best web developers?

To understand this, one must define what a good web developer is supposed to. If a web developer completes a project before time, does that constitute as the best? No, in fact many times, such developers make the mistake of not double checking – is the application appropriate with specs, is it usable? Is it scalable with the company etc?  Therefore being a ‘productive web developer’ is not so easy and therefore needs professional help.

So what makes a quality web developer, the one who meets the expectations or the one who exceeds them? A quality web developer does what is expected of him – that built a website that fulfills the needs of customers in the present and goes beyond with building the website which is adaptable to the fast pace changing technology. Good web developers like the ASG team always keep in mind the modern principles of web development that help them build and maintain a website that meets the current needs and is adaptable to changing trends and technology –

  • User centric

A web developer’s first mantra is to take a user centric approach while building a website. You have to put what customer needs are in mind and built the website accordingly. Often assumption of web developers as to how a user will use the website is different from reality, therefore an appraisal of how they actually use the website must be considered for improvement.

  • Smartphones are ‘in’

The advent of mobile phones gave rise to the mobile app development industry and with smartphones, almost all users prefer to use smartphones to access internet. A smart web developer knows that hand held devices like tablets and smartphones bring in a lot of traffic for website. Therefore, the way we approach web development now is different than it used to be some years ago. Rather than building it for a single device, modern web application must be adaptable to screen types.

  • User interface

User expectations have risen up, therefore providing them with well-designed interfaces is just as important.

There are many principles guide the overall development of what is good web development service, as for ASG, this is just the start!