Sales Accounting System [SAS]


The Sales System is feature-rich, online application software catering to organizations whose business involves development of Real Estate assets and selling them as property-units for residential or commercial uses e.g. offices, showrooms, shops and warehouses.


The largest possible collection of property-units sharing common attributes is called a Project.

A project may be a colony or community sold as plots or houses. The houses may be single storey, double storey or duplex. The project may even be a single high-rise building or a group of high-rise buildings. It may be a shopping complex or a mall.

All units in a project must share some common attributes as definable for a project.

A property-unit or unit as it is commonly called is the smallest individually saleable entity in a project. Units are (obviously) sold to customers.

The owner of a unit is called a Customer. A customer may be an individual, firm, company, society or any other legal entity entitled to own a property-unit. For every customer created in SAS a New Customer code is generated by the system that is Unique on the Project.

Unit Customer Relationship
The Relation between a Unit and Customer is what is called a One-to-One Relationship in Technical Term, that means a customer can hold one unit only and a unit can have one customer only (but multiple co-owners). Now in practical cases where a customer might have more then one unit, the customer has to be created with different codes that many times.