• Web Development

    Prime Website Development Services at
    Economical Rates and the Best Tat

  • ERP for Real Estate

    A Balanced Approach and a Logical Solution
    To All Your Real Estate Problems

  • Customer Relationship Management

    Manage Company’s Interactions with Current
    and Future Customers

  • ERP For Property Maintenance Billing –Builders

    Cogent Software Solutions for
    Property Maintenance Billing for Builders.

  • ERP For Property Maintenance Billing – RWA

    Coherent and Incorporated Software Solutions for
    Property Maintenance Billing for RWA

  • Property Lease & Renting Systems

    RID Yourself of the Hackles of Generating rent
    and Fall Back Upon Our Very Efficient and
    Reliable Systems. We Facilitate Rent Generation
    Through E-mail and/or SMS.

  • Get Information at Your Finger Tips

    No Need to Scout Through a Million Files
    and Papers for a Small Piece of Information,
    Just use our Software!

  • CRM is an easy-to-use; web based fast-to-deploy on-site customer relationship management solution
  • Provides enterprise-wide access to vital customer information anytime, anywhere—so you can manage your business
  • Sophisticated sales management functions such as: lead generation & qualification, sales pipeline analysis
  • You can identify bottlenecks in the sales processes, well in advance and effectively utilize existing customer
  • Real-time sales forecasting and other useful metrics

Our Services

Services provided by ASG address the complete Life cycle of a Software Project from Conception to Re-Engineering.